Day One

I woke up this morning at 3am local time. Full day of briefings and a bit of a break now until 7:30pm. Hopefully back to the room by nine. Just not used to being up for that long in a day. Even though I will go to sleep as soon as I get back, I will still get up at 3am tomorrow. I don’t adjust well to time zone changes.

I think the agenda for these two days was too tightly packed. Oh well. One more long day tomorrow. Some photography on Friday and then a readjustment back to eastern time when I make the flight back on Saturday.

Looks like a bit of a break with the weather on Friday. Forecasters are now predicting a few showers as opposed to a full day of rain.

The briefings today were really good. Some very bright and passionate presenters at Microsoft and I was exposed to some interesting perspectives. And some cool software.

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