Travel Day

Arrived in Seattle today after almost 11 hours of travel. Actual flying time was only 6 hours but total elapsed time from the door of my house to the door of the hotel was 11 hours. Long day.

Enjoyed flying on a relatively new aircraft on the run from Toronto to Vancouver. A nicely dressed 767 with audio and video on demand and an electrical outlet for the laptop. Hooray.

The next two days will be pretty long. On Friday, I plan to make my way to Denny Creek which is supposed to be a very scenic area about an hour or so from Seattle. I have my hiking gear with me. I just hope that the rain forecast for Seattle is snow in that area. Otherwise the photography opportunities will be quite limited.

And, for my family, in case they think I am roughing it while I am on the road, a couple of photos of the hotel room.

I know. Travel is tough.

Willows 1

Willows 2

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