Week in Review

From my travels on the web last week.

Want to add a nice diffuse glow to your photos? Easy to do if you have Photoshop and use this technique.

Andrew Collett has some very nice pictures of Algonquin.

And continuing with the theme of photography, I needed to refresh my digital photography workflow and Guy Scharf had some useful information based on his approach to managing storage of images. Right down to directory structures and naming conventions.

Turn your blog into a book. I have been thinking about getting the past several years of posts into hard copy. Although I hope that the digital blog keeps going, I have a sense that a printed version stands a better chance of getting passed down to my children. The blog will only keep going as long as someone pays the hosting service.

Sure does look like a nice camera.

I have an older laptop. Can’t run Vista and I don’t care much for XP.  Fortunately, it can run this.

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