Zune Two Dot Oh

I was recently asked about the Zune 2. Up until then, I had never even seen a Zune in a major Canadian electronics store. And so I went to Best Buy. No Zunes of any version. Future Shop. No Zunes. They simply do not carry them.

But I did see some stories on the new Zune. Apparently there is huge demand for this machine. So much so that you cannot find them in stores. Huge demand or little supply?

In reading this post about why Microsoft’s Zune is still failing, I find myself ambivalent. I have several iPods and I am very tempted to get an iPod Touch. Looking at the Zune 2, it seems a bit dated relative to the market leader.

Perhaps Zune 3 might get it right. But I’d still like to see the Zune 2 and see how it works. I am heading stateside in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I will see one then.

No Zunes

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