Joy of Photography

I received a number of nice comments about yesterday’s photo of the day. That shot was taken the previous evening at Awenda Provincial Park.

We drove up to the park on Sunday afternoon from our home in Newmarket. The park was closed which meant that we had to hike about 2 kilometers from a parking area to the beach. And it was a pretty cold day. The light was going fast and I had to work pretty quickly to take some quality pictures.

There are two challenges with landscape photography. The first is subject material. Living near Toronto generally means a four to six hour drive roundtrip to find a scenic area. The second is timing. The golden hour of light is usually first thing in the morning or end of day.

At this time of year, end of day comes at about 5pm. No problem. We arrived to the beach by around 4. I kept shooting until it became dark. As you can see by the first photograph, I was shooting late. And, in the second photograph, you can see Matthew trying to find our trail back to the parking lot. Which was some 2 kilometers away. In the pitch black. Alone, in an abandoned provincial park.

If you get this message, perhaps you can find someone to help us out of the park. We are quite lost.

Just kidding. Matthew was an amazing scout. We eventually found our car.

Awenda RC

Awena MC

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