Week in Review

From my travels on the web last week.

A Canuck in Cancun. She hard linked to one of the photos on my blog. And so I dropped by to see why. Although there is a bit of foul language here and there, her posts were quite interesting. When winter arrives in Canada, I can understand why Cancun would look so much better.

Doctor Who has lots of sounds here. Update your email chime to say “Exterminate!” when spam hits your inbox.

Now that winter is upon us, here are a few tips for photographers. And a couple more here.

Flickr has a user group for Nikon D200 and D300 users. Although Nikonians is still the best content for Nikon shooters.

Hawk Wings is a blog dedicated to Apple Mail. Tips, add-ons and plug-ins galore. Recommended if you use Mail on your Mac.

Still waiting for the Leopard update of SuperDuper! and even though I know that Time Machine is backing things up, I really want a single image copy of my primary drive. Soon.

Running the new Firefox beta. Subtle, but I like the new Leopard skin for the browser. The beta itself is not bad. A few performance hiccups with the beta on Vista showing far more rendering issues than the beta on Mac.

Years of writing posts classified by categories. Over the past, I have been feeling guilty about the lack of tags. Here is one person’s view on tagging your blog. Could be a lot of work to update all my  posts.

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  1. CancunCanuck
    CancunCanuck says:

    Richard, deepest apologies from a newbie for the linking, it was without knowing the “rules” of blog and I am sorry, won’t happen again sir! Just know that it was because I really did enjoy your photos, thank you.

    Kelly aka CancunCanuck

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Hi Kelly. No worries at all. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and, as a Canadian still living in the great white north, I can easily understand your passion for Cancun. Especially at this time of year. Thanks for dropping by the blog.


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