Getting Closer

The desk in my studio is quite large. And given the design of the control surface, there are few options in terms of where a monitor can be situated. For the past several years, the monitor has sat on top of the meter bridge, in between the two Genelec nearfield monitors.

I spend countless hours editing waveforms. And the distance between my monitor and my eyes was too far and too high. I would get a pain in my neck by tilting my head up and holding that tilt for extended periods of time.

When I was working on a project at Cherry Beach a few weeks back, the monitor was on a movable cart in front of the console. The viewing angle was so much better. And I decided to make a change in my own control room. I would take the monitor down from the top of the meter bridge.

Last week, I mounted the monitor on a sophisticated arm to the right hand side of the console. I can easily swing it out of the way when I am mixing or tracking and I can easily bring it into a comfortable viewing range when I am working on edits.

Hard to describe how much easier it is to work at the desk. And how much easier it is to see the computer screen. Even with glasses, looking at waveforms on a monitor that is almost three feet away, is not much fun.

First tracking session with the new setup is tomorrow. We’ll see how it goes. Here is how the desk looks with the new arrangement.

Control Room Monitor

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