Week in Review

From my travels on the web last week.

Ontario waterfalls. Here is where a few can be found. It may take me some time to photograph them all.

I had just installed Leopard on one of my Macs when an update came along. Good thing as it fixed the problem I was having with Flickr’s server side uploader. Now if only the crop input field boxes in Photoshop would get fixed.

Too much stuff? Then you might need to get this book.

One way to organize cables. Not sure I would use this approach in a recording studio.

Okay. I am not sure why I took a look at this video. Was it because of my love for the Mario Brothers? Or the infamous Tesla Coils in Command and Conquer?

Ministry Watch has a clip on their home page from ABC’s 20 20. The story is on lavish lifestyles of televangelists. Mansions, private jets, excessive personal consumption as a God-given right and lots of bad hair. Nothing really new here.

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