Just in time for Christmas. Bay Bloor Radio is stocking iPod docks for music lovers. For a mere $2,000 you can pick up the Fatman 252/VDC.

The folks at TLAudio describe the product this way:

Stunning to behold and a thoroughbred performer featuring no less than 9 valves and 3 line input stages to offer 25 watts per channel of pure listening nirvana. A more powerful version of the iTube 182, this amplifier delivers a sonic performance and value for money which is unmatched by any similarly specified product in the known world.

Just think, you can dock your iPod and play all of those highly compressed audio files through this world class tube amp. Pushing MP3/AAC digital artifacts through tubes will make them sound so much better (heavy satire).

Audiophile redefined.


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  1. George
    George says:

    Goood point Richard. It is quite amazing the lengths some will go for the audiophile experience.

    I’m sure you have experience with some great studio headphones. Here is an extreme amplifier to power them:


    And yes, I’m a sucker for good quality also, but I stopped with the Sennheiser 600HD and what they used to sell as the Cosmic amp. It is actually not that bad if you save your mp3s at 320kbps =)

    Thanks for the great posts — I enjoy reading them.


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