Week in Review

From my travels on the web last week.

Amazing photos of the French conducting thermonuclear tests.

Large corporations apparently still pushing subliminal ads. Can anyone really notice something that flashes by in a fraction of a second? On a related note, I just went and purchased a Toyota Yaris. I have no idea why.

Insightful lesson on guitar by Smokin’ Joe Walsh. And he was obviously smoking something when this video was cut.

In case you were wondering about filters and photography and the temperature of colour at certain times of the day. All is revealed here.

I might try this software. Several photographers, like this fellow, rave about its capabilities.

The folks at AMS/Neve have introduced a new console, a hybrid analog and DAW controller called Genesys. 16 channel configuration starts at $50,000. By comparison, 16 channels of Millenia Media mic pres and a mouse for your DAW will cost about $12,000.

Church websites. Most of them are really not very good. However, I do come across some great designs. Like Dulles Community Church and Eastpoint. Compared against the all too common church website like this one.

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