Hiking at Rosseau Falls

Last weekend we hiked Rosseau Falls. I took my landscape photos and my wife took photos of me and my son. Here are a few to share with you. Lorraine is doing a pretty good job with that little Canon SD600 point and shoot.

In the first photo, you can tell that Matthew was a bit too close to the falls. And he lost his grip on the rocks and fell in to the rapids. I was able to pull him out of the rapids about 200 meters or so downstream.

In the second photo, I put him on the rocks, hoping that the sun would dry him out. My bad as the temperature was very cold. He froze, unable to move.

Just kidding. The falls offer many opportunities to get close in perfect safety. As you can tell in the third picture.

LC Rosseau 1

LC Rosseau 3

LC Rosseau 2

LC Rosseau 4

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