The Week in Review

From my travels on the web this past week.

How ready are Canadians for retirement? Well, if you ask the folks at Fidelity, we are all doomed. Fidelity recommends that Canadians prepare to replace 80 percent of their working income at retirement. Yes, you read that correctly. 80 percent! Check out their findings and their calculators here. And don’t take the 80 percent figure too seriously.

Our church uses the Yamaha DM1000 console for live sound. This product as a choice for church sound does surprise me. The design point is for commercial post-production, audio for video, and broadcast applications. Yes, it can be used in a live sound situation but it is an overly complex board for signal processing. Perhaps it becomes easier to use with time, but I would hate to drive that level of complexity in a live sound setting. And given that most church sound operators have very little experience, the DM1000 presents a very high learning curve. I still prefer the simplicity and responsiveness of these types of boards for church sound.

I installed Leopard Friday evening. Some neat features although a few things are broken. Flickr’s upload service, from their website, no longer works although the client side is fine as well as their basic uploader. And Photoshop CS2 has a few weird things happening. Like the data field entries for cropping are not visible. Alas a few updates are likely required because of the changes to the underlying file system.

Some interesting advice for those of you with million dollar portfolios, or just trying to build one. Or, you could always follow the Motley Fool’s way to a million three.

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