The 20-song Christmas CD project is signed off from a tracking and mix perspective. So my work has come to an end. I was able to join in for part of the mastering session at Cherry Beach Sound. The mastering engineer was really pleased with the quality of the mix, which is always nice to hear. He asked me about the time spent on the project. I spent over 4 days per song or somewhere in excess of 350 hours on the in-studio part of the project and about 100 hours on the remote recording part of the project.

In one sense, it is exciting to see the project come to an end. And, in another sense, a bit sad. I really enjoyed working with Trevor and his team. I wish him continued success in his work. A truly gifted musician and a fine man.

Here is a picture taken at the end of the mastering process. Inaam Haq did the mastering work. I was able to relax and listen to the final product. Oh, and although it was nice to see the SSL console in the room, I did not get a chance to play with it.

CB Mastering Session

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