Seven Rules of Haiku Productivity

I had blogged about haiki productivity and the zen habits website before. As a reminder to me, here are the rules of haiku productivity:

One Goal: you lose focus and energy when you have more than one goal at a time so limit yourself to just one.

Two Times To Process Email: restrict yourself to checking email only twice a day, and it will not control your life.

Three Most Important Tasks: choose three most important tasks for each day and focus completely on them. If you try for more, you might not get them all done.

Four Batch Tasks: aside from the three most important tasks, give yourself four smaller tasks and batch them together at one time, usually 30 to 60 minutes at the end of each day.

Five Sentence Emails: keep emails to no more than five sentences.

Six Posts: limit yourself to reading only six online postings from other websites.

Seven Minutes Of Wasted Time: whenever a task is finished, take seven minutes to do whatever you want.

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