Torrance Barrens

Another late summer day spent hiking in central Ontario. We walked on one of the trails at Hardy Lake Provincial Park as well as the main loop trail at Torrance Barrens Conservation Reserve. Below are a few photos from the day’s hike. The first two from Hardy Lake and the last four from Torrance Barrens. Torrance Barrens is a dark sky reserve. An ideal location for stargazing. And some amazing terrain for a landscape photographer. At times, I found myself wondering if I was still in Canada. The barrens reminded me of Africa.

Hardy Lake 1

Hardy Lake 2

Torrance Barrens 1

Torrance Barrens 2

Torrance Barrens 3

Torrance Barrens 4

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  1. Melinda Roberge
    Melinda Roberge says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your pics of the Torrance Barrens. Growing up as a child, our family shared family picnics during the summer months and I have fond memories of the place where we found serenity. As I grew, driving past I would see buses of people who looked to be studying the area. I knew in my heart that “The Baldies” (as the oldtimers called it) would someday not be just ours to love. However, I am happy that it will be preserved for the future generations to enjoy.


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