The Week In Review

Random sites of interest from my journies on the web last week.

10 Tips for a Killer Presentation: based on my experience, a lot of people in business need to sharpen their PowerPoint chops.

5 Steps to Stop Living Paycheque to Paycheque: here is a hint, stop spending more money than you make.

iPod Touch: Apple seems to have a knack of making a product that I don’t really need, but that I really want.

How to Clean Your Home in 19 Minutes: impossible.

Master Advanced Mixing Concepts: of potential interest to budding audio engineers.

Canadian Doctors are Worried About Retirement: apparently, 40 percent of the survey respondents intend to work beyond 65 for financial reasons.

Financial Discipline for Your Kids: unlike their parents, ahem, the younger generation is much more apt to spend money they do not have, even before they know where it is coming from.

419 Scammer Gets Arrested: In Canada no less. Toluwalade Alonge Owolabi, of Toronto, inundated an 84 year old man with emails and telephone calls to wire 37,500 dollars and receive a 1.5 million “inheritance”. Nice to see some of these scammers getting caught. If you want a flavour for actual letters from scammers then check out theScamBaiter. Some of the email exchanges, like this one, are highly entertaining. Hard to believe that people fall for such scams. But they do.

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