Testing, Testing

Tonight I will be heading back to my old church to help them resolve an issue with their sound system.

I had managed the AV system at that church for a number of years and I had spent countless hours fine-tuning the system. The system is a fairly straightforward configuration for a smaller venue: Soundcraft GB4 analog mixer processed through a DBX DriveRack DSP feeding two Crown amps, one split for the top left and right speakers, the other mono to the subwoofer.

I guess someone had decided to make adjustments to the DSP without adequate technical knowledge. And apparently made enough of a mess of the system that the subwoofer chain had to be turned off.

I have not yet listened to the system in its current state. I will do that first. And then I will review the status of the DSP. Hopefully, the person who made the changes did not do a factory reset. I had written two custom patches for the system: a primary and a backup. With luck, the resolution should be as simple as dialing in one of the two patches.

If the individual did a factory reset then the resolution will take more work.

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