Moving Day

My daughter has lived in residence at Waterloo since first year. This year, like last year, she is in a furnished apartment at the residence college. Which meant that we were able to move her belongings in a car. A quick and painless move.

This year, my son is living in a house with seven other students. The house is in a friendly area and a mature neighbourhood. However, the house itself is in pretty rough shape. His move was quite different from my daughter’s move.

We moved him to Waterloo on Tuesday. One of his roommates had rented a truck and the roommate was kind enough to offer to help with the move. Which was a good thing as we had three couches, a bed, a desk, an office chair, six kitchen chairs, a number of tables, and other assorted boxes. Even though the bimmer has a large trunk, I wasn’t sure whether I could fit all of the above items plus my son’s bass guitar and amp.

We started the move at around 10am and made our way to Waterloo for noon. When we arrived at the house, we made our way to my son’s room. He has a room in the basement level of the house.

The room itself was not in very good condition. The walls were a mess. Dirty, and dingy. I took one look and I told my son that the room would have to be painted before we moved in. I spent the next six hours putting on two coats of paint and one coat of trim.

Between coats, I also assembled an Ikea bed and an Ikea desk.

Although it took about eight hours all in to pull the room together, the process reminded me of the show Extreme Makeover. The room looked so much better and it was so much cleaner.

When we finally got back home, late that night, I was exhausted. Moving can be hard work.

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