Back To School

A sad day for me yesterday as my daughter returned to university. I really enjoyed having her home over the summer.

This will be her last year in her undergraduate program. This is also her fourth year living in the same residence college. She is in an apartment, however the apartment is fully furnished which makes the moving process much easier.

My son returns to his university today. He is living in a house with a number of other students. The house is fully unfurnished. I will be helping him move couches, tables, chairs, bed, desk, etc. And once we arrive, we will need to assemble some new furniture that we picked up from Ikea: a bed and a computer desk. I am hoping that the truck we are using is large enough to fit all of the furniture. I am also hoping that my back does not go berserk. I will have to remember to take it easy today.

Then I return back to work tomorrow. Something to look forward to…

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