Elora Gorge

My wife and my youngest son joined me yesterday to shoot the Elora Gorge. Elora is a scenic town located about 110 kilometres from our home. The day was perfect. We spent several hours hiking around the gorge. I took about two hundred frames of the area.

Here are a few of the shots. The last shot was taken at the base of the gorge. I was not alone. There were about 20 Mennonite women nearby. They had climbed down a very steep trail, full of sharp and pointy rocks, in their bare feet. And they congregated around an inlet to sing hymns.

I was very tempted to take their picture however I seem to recall that the old order Mennonites are not fans of photography. So I pointed the lens towards the gorge itself. It was a different experience to focus on the grandeur of God’s creation while a group of Mennonite women were singing hymns in the background.

Elora 1

Elora 2

Elora 3

Elora 4

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  1. Trevor Dick
    Trevor Dick says:

    Although Le-Anne and I don’t believe in coincidences, we thought it uncanny that we too were in Elora last weekend (cliff jumping with the boys) and had the discussion of how it would make a beautiful spot for your new studio overlooking the river gorge! We were actually staking out such “houses for sale”. Sure is a beautiful spot and close to a great “lakeside” church 😉

    Le-Anne and I celebrate our 13th anniversary today. Our 1st date was in the Elora Mill … so loved the pics!



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