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The Christmas CD project started tracking back in late February. We worked on the “plugged” songlist, the Glory side, and we are in the midst of finalizing the mix for that part of the project. I started working on the candidate mix for the Peace side of the project yesterday. This “unplugged” side will be much easier to mix as it is a live-off-the-stage performance with two instruments.

As we started work on the bed tracks, the artist brought in a photographer to take some in-session photos in my studio. Some great shots and I have a few of them here. Hard to believe that we started work on the project six months ago.


Trevor 2

Trevor 3

Trevor 4

Trevor 5

Trevor 6

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  1. AndyB
    AndyB says:

    Trevor has been giving me the inside scoop on the project – sounds incredible. Really look forard to hearing the finished product.


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