Remote Session Day Three

Success! We were able to track all 10 songs in three days. The combination of two amazing musicians in a great sounding hall certainly helped the recording process. I am delighted with how well the instruments were captured in the session.

A bit of a challenging assignment. I had to setup and takedown after each day of recording. I could not monitor with the same degree of accuracy as I enjoy in my own control room. I had to build a stripped down rig which meant leaving some of my prized preamps behind. I had a technical failure on one of the hardware units which required a major disassembly of the studio to bring in the HD rig. And it was about a 3-hour round trip on top of the session time.

However, it was worthwhile. I restored most of the studio this morning and I had the opportunity to listen to the tracks in a controlled monitoring environment. And the tracks sound amazing.

Here are a few more photos from the last day of tracking.

Recital Hall 1

Recital Hall 2

Recital Hall 3

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