Remote Session Day 1

We arrived at the recital hall at 3:15pm this afternoon. And the hall itself is excellent. The acoustics of the room work really well with the objectives for the tracking session.

Here is a picture of me with my studio-in-a-box.

Guelph 1

Sadly, the Digi 002R firewire ports died after about 4 hours of tracking. We had to close the session down a couple of hours earlier than planned. Most unfortunate.

I will have to dismantle my Pro Tools HD rig in my studio early tomorrow morning. I will be taking the HD rig out to the session for the next two days: the Power Mac dual processor G5 tower, widescreen display, keyboard, mouse, and one of the Pro Tools HD interfaces. Good thing I labelled all the connectors in the studio. Lots of work to get this gear out of the racks.

Here is a shot of the artists, Trevor and Brad. The Christmas CD is called Peace and Glory. The acoustic tracking we are working on now is for the Peace disc.

Guelph 2

I used an ORTF microphone technique for the grand piano with two Neumann small diaphragm condensors. And the result is stunning. I am really pleased with the sound of the grand piano. I also used a large diaphragm tube condensor on the piano to capture some detail in the low end. Here is a picture of the Yamaha C7 grand with the microphones in place.

Guelph 3

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    Nice – after your initial post about the session I started wondering about who the artists were. Nice to see Trevor is doing a Christmas record! And since anything Brad touches turns to musical gold I’m sure this is going to turn out amazing.


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