Online For A Moment

The camp does provide high-speed wireless Internet access. Only, the Vista machine I am using will not stay connected. Except every once in a while. Like right now. For how long?

Who knows.

I can find some hotspots and the machine will connect just fine. In my room, it will connect for a period of time and then die. Or it will connect but not allow me to surf the net. All this when it reads good to excellent signal strength.

My son’s Macbook Pro connects just fine. No issues. Which makes things even more frustrating. I did a search on “Vista wireless problems” and got 32 million hits. I guess it is a fairly common event.

In one of the periods of connectivity, I was able to download the latest Vista drivers from Intel. False hope as the machine refused to connect last night.

Today is hump day. Two more nights and we make our way back home. The weather has been shifting quite dramatically from very warm and sunny to very cool and cloudy. I am hoping that the weather breaks a bit for me this afternoon as I would like to go out and do some photography in the Orillia area.

If not, then I could always try another round of golf. I miss the intense, shooting back pain.

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