On Vacation

Blogging will be a bit infrequent over the next couple of weeks. I am off to the wilds of the country a bit further north than Toronto. I wonder if they have Internet access out that far? Will my Blackberry still work?

We are at a family camp for the next week. And after that, I will be spending several days doing some remote recording.

I will do a bit of a photo essay on the remote project next week and post it online. The session is a grand piano and violin combination tracking for a Christmas CD. We have already tracked ten songs in the studio featuring a full band. This segment of the project will be ten songs on stage.

I haven’t confirmed my microphone choices as yet. I will be using a Millenia Media HV-3D 8-channel preamp feeding an 002R. My Pro Tools HD Accel rig is definitely a fixed installation so I have to leave it behind. The 002R will be driven by a Macbook Pro running Pro Tools LE 7.3 and a LaCie Firewire drive for the audio files.

I am not too keen on the 002R internal convertors, so I may bring my Apogees with me. And I may also bring my Genelec nearfields for onsite monitoring. Trouble is that we are using a concert hall and we have it for three days between 3pm and 10pm. I need to keep the remote rig is compact as possible to speed setup and take down.

I also haven’t settled on the sample rate. I track 24-bit and depending on the project, I will sample at 44.1, 88.2 or 96. Oh well. I have a week or so before I need to make those decisions.

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