Learning to Ride

We purchased a new bike for my youngest son. Although 10 years old, he had not yet learned to ride a bike. Our local bike store, already flush with cash from my recent acquisitions, has made it their mission to convert my entire family to cycling.

The store told us that it would only take an hour or so for Matthew to pick up the basics of riding. They suggested we take him out to a field so that if he fell, the physical damage would not be that great.

It took a couple of sessions but he is now riding his bike like an old pro. A very determined young man, he was remarkably focused on getting this riding thing going. Now, he will easily spend hours riding around our court.

We took him out to the Cyclissimo Grand Prix road race yesterday. He was ready to join in.

Perhaps in a few years.

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Funny, we had the same experience. We never got around to riding bikes with the boys and a few weeks ago we did the same thing.

    In a short span, they are now pros off riding in our new home area – enjoying a new found freedom.


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