Polar Express

I moved my cycling computer to a Polar CS200 system. Aside from the basic measures, distance, speed, elapsed time, the unit also tracks cadence, heart rate, laps, and has an alert mechanism to keep certain parameters within range. For example, a heart rate alert that sounds when your heart rate exceeds 85% of maximum.

The unit can also transfer all of the tracked data to a PC for upload to a journal-based website. In a few minutes, my ride data can be captured and stored for trend analysis and managing training goals.

Here is a picture of the unit. And below that is a picture of the unit that I used to have many years ago.

Polar C200


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  1. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    I would not be able to maintain a training journal without a computer. Times change. When I first started racing in the 70s, instrumentation was very primitive.

    Today, I keep a journal with very precise data on distance, speed, cadence, elevation, route, etc. And now, I don’t know how I could approach road racing without one.

    However, I was working without a Heart Rate Monitor. And I wanted to keep track of that data point for health reasons.


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