HOV Penalty

I have been taking transit into work for almost a year now. And I am glad that I made that change. The stress of driving in the Toronto area took its toll over the past 8 years.

There are times though, when I have to drive in. Like today. I left my home early this morning. The traffic is still very heavy, but at least it is moving.

There is always someone trying to move a bit faster.

There is an HOV lane alongside highway 404. And despite the traffic moving along at a good pace this morning, a tricked-out white pickup truck wanted to get downtown in a real hurry. A single occupant driver, taking the HOV lane, moving along somewhere north of 140 km/h.

He was caught at the base of the HOV lane.

Drivers using the lane improperly can be stopped and ticketed by OPP officers monitoring the HOV lane, and will be required to re-enter the general lanes at the next entry/exit zone. The penalty for improper HOV lane use is a fine of $110 and 3 demerit points.

I imagine that he also faced another couple of hundred dollars and more demerits for the excessive speeding.

He did not get to his destination any faster than the rest of us.

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