Freedom of Speech

Governments and companies go to great lengths to ensure that people can be monitored. Wikipedia has a great article on lawful interception here.

Most large companies routinely monitor email traffic ostensibly to ensure that the enterprise is not being compromised by the inappropriate release of insider information.

It looks like blogs and wikis are new targets.

Techrigy offers a service called SM2 which creates an index of what it finds and a catolog of company violations.

From their website:

As blogs and wikis spread throughout enterprises, organizations must deal with compliance and risk-management issues that are created from communications through these media. Not only are employees communicating through these media at work, but they are also doing so at home. Is your organization aware of what employees are communicating through blogs and wikis? Are communications through these media that are affiliated with the organization or company being monitored for liability risks and being retained in case of litigation?

Techrigy”™s SM2 is an enterprise”“level management tool that helps organization control and monitor blogs and wikis that employees are utilizing. SM2 discovers and inventories all blogs and wikis being used in an organization, records these communications and monitors them for risks and liabilities.

SM2 can help your organization implement and utilize social media by providing a tool for monitoring these media and enforcing your organization’s compliance policies.

Software to clamp down on bloggers. So much for freedom of speech. Yet another reason to never blog about work.

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  1. Ross
    Ross says:

    Freedom of Speach is a lie and always has been – You will be monitored if you say something out of line etc…. Shame that the internet a place ‘for the world’ is in the same boat.. maybe even more.

  2. Stephen Meyer
    Stephen Meyer says:

    Looks like Habbermas was wrong about the “Public Sphere,” or at least his idea hasn’t come to fruition through the web.


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