Four Seasons Media Productions

The studio business is a pretty difficult one to make work. World class facilities have to risk significant capital. Four Seasons Media Productions, based out of St. Louis, is for sale. The price for a world class facility in the midwest? $5 million USD.

Mind you, the 8,500 square foot facility is fully dressed: hand-built API legacy console, a tricked-out SSL 9000 J console, and an extensive outboard collection.

Great looking studio. I hope it goes to a good home.

4SMP 1

4SMP 2

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  1. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    Good one, Ross, and yes I was going to add “Does it come in Blue?”, if anyone has seen the car ad recently and the guy testing out the $5 million dollar race car…., quite funny….

  2. Chris Day
    Chris Day says:

    First off, beautiful studio. They have closed for a few winter months in the past due to slow business, good luck getting the 5 mil.
    C Day


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