Big Speakers

We are in the final stages of tracking a Christmas CD with violinist extraordinaire Trevor Dick. He asked me about my big speakers, which you can see in the photo of my control room below. The big speakers are JBL 4311s. I told him that I never use the JBLs. They are there simply for show and for the occassional loud playback request.

Big Speakers Not

However, as can be seen in a similar control room, this one from the 4,500 square foot facility Roc the Mic, perhaps I should rethink the role and placement of big speakers.

Big Speakers

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  1. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    Hi, Richard – your studio is looking great! You must be very proud of this achievement – no small feat.

    What near fields are you using and are they active?

  2. Richard Cleaver
    Richard Cleaver says:

    Thanks Rob! The studio has been progressing very well over the years. Really pleased with the facility.

    I run two sets of near fields. The pair in the photo is a set of powered Genelec 8040s. The 8040s are bi-amplified and I find them a great reference monitor. I will sometimes link up the Tannoy 6.5 PBMs. They are a passive near field powered by Bryston amps.

    Not sure what Roc the Mic is using for the mains in their Pro Tools room. Looks like some Yamaha NS-10s for the near fields.

  3. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    Yes, NS 10’s the industry standard, no longer manufactured I am led to believe. Immediately recognizable by the white cone. There seems to be some great strides being made by related audio manufacturers. I have been trying to get my hands on some M-Audio EX-66’s, powered monitors, but they just seem to be backordered everywhere in Canada, although available in the US. I am getting impatient and may settle for something else soon, or given the CDN $ vs. the US $, may order from the south anyway. 5% beats a 25% premium anyday! Thanks for the info….

    p.s. I will be looking for a tour, you know, once complete! 🙂


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