Financial Blogs in Canada

Over the past year or so I have found a number of interesting financial blogs. Canadian ones at that, eh.

Canadian Dream is a blog that outlines one person’s dream and approach to retire at 45.

Middle Class Millionaire chronicles the journey to the million dollar club. He is a person with a plan to achieve a million dollars of net worth by the age of forty. He is 27.

Thicken My Wallet provides a wide range of insights into financial matters. Written by a president of a niche investment company.

Million Dollar Journey is the plan of an ambitious person to achieve a million dollars of net worth by the age of 35. Always some interesting insights to be found in his blog. In his late twenties, his net worth is roughly $250,000. Not bad.

And The Dividend Guy. A believer in building passive income through dividend investing. A pretty good investment strategy.

Lots of great resources in the above sites so go out there and start investing.

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