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Over the past year I have been taking steps to reduce consumption. I have switched to public transit for my daily commute. We substantially reduced our consumption of electricity. And we reviewed all of our consumption and looked for ways to live more simply and efficiently.

And so it was with interest that I took the Earth Day Footprint Quiz. I connected to the quiz through the Global Footprint Network. You can take the quiz here.

My results are listed below. Clearly I need to find a few more planets. To live a sustainable life using only 1 planet I would need to get rid of my kids and my wife, lose the house and build a “green residence”, drop the car and use “animal power”, grow my own food, never fly in an airplane, and become a vegetarian.

Green can be extreme.

Not Green Enough

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  1. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:


    Interesting quiz – I took it, and answered as honestly as I could. If everyone lived like my family, we would need only 4.7 planets vs. your 5.9. I suggest the difference is that I am using Pro Tools LE and you are using the more sophisticated HD! 🙂

  2. Ross
    Ross says:

    I honestly got the response that I would need 1.5 planets if everyone lived like me. Oh well, i’m green compared to the rest of the world, using my bike alot.


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