Clint Brown Divorce

Fascinating. I had written several posts about Clint Brown here, here, here and here. I questioned the need for this pastor to live large and whether it makes church into a commercial enterprise. And, judging by the volumes of emails and comments I received on this topic, the sentiment seems to be why not. If the pastor has a successful ministry, basically anything goes. Mansions, jets, luxury cars, high-end watches. It is all good.

What is interesting though, is that Google returns a very different message from the post I had written. If you enter the search string: “clint brown divorce” this post comes up first. However, Google describes the post this way:

richard cleaver » Blog Archive » Clint Brown Divorce

Clint Brown is an anointed singer and songwriter. He is truly like David, a psalmist. David make mistakes and sinned, but the Bible says he was a man after … – 27k – Cached – Similar pages

I never wrote anything like that. Kinda freaky, huh? Almost cultish.

Clint Brown Divorce

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  1. Josh
    Josh says:

    I took a glance and it appears that one of the comments on the post was from a woman who appeared to be a clint brown sympathizer and wrote that very comment… It is still interest that the snipit that google shows is in fact a comment regarding the post rather than the main idea/point of the post itself…


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