Not sure why this is the case but I see a profound difference in the content of magazines between Canada, U.S. and the U.K.

I typically read 20 or more magazines each month. Magazines focused on recording, cycling, photography, technology, golf, and audio. In each area, the U.K. magazines are far more comprehensive in content.

Take photography as an example. A new Canadian magazine on outdoor photography was just launched, Outdoor Photography Canada. A typically Canadian production: sparse content, limited advertising and inexpensive paper stock. Even the website design is a bit iffy. The U.S. magazines, like Popular Photography, Shutterbug and Outdoor Photographer, are better in content and production, yet very heavy on ads.

The U.K. magazines, like Digital Camera and Practical Photography, present a high ad content but the editorial content is substantially richer. Their magazines offer significantly more print pages, comprehensive articles and reviews, and substantive coverage of topics.

Does this imply a different focus on literacy between the three countries? 

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  1. james dawson
    james dawson says:

    My take on the answer to the question is that in Canada we just don’t have the critical mass of readers to draw advertiser to support what are basically niche magazines. I shoot for a magazine that has been up to very recently been an e-zine. The struggle to print it into the realm of print has been monumental. Its survival beyond a year is iffy. Principally because of the lack of advertising dollars floting around this county.

    The second part of your question related to the difference between US vs UK produced magazines. My experience of both countries is that the UK audience is far more interested in content and substance than our neighbours to the south whose attention span is that of a three year old and whose literacy is only about ten years beyond that. When substance fails provide glossy pretty pictures. That will keep them happy until the next issue arrives on their doorstep.

  2. Jan
    Jan says:

    I’ve wondered for a while if there’s anywhere in US where we can obtain copies of “OLD” Digital Camera? Buy/Trade? I buy one a few months and then hold up a couple and buy them as they come out. At $13.95 + tax it’s an “investment” and I do NOT get rid of them.


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