Great Divide Recording Studios

Aspen, Colorado boasts an impressive recording studio: Great Divide. They recently opened a new studio which features a fully featured Pro Tools HD environment including Digidesign’s ICON console. Very nice looking space.

Great Divide Control Room

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  1. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    I am always delighted to see professional studio using my favourite gear: The Tom Scholz (of the band Boston fame) designed and manufactured “Rockman” gear. I have been collecting since the late 80’s upon their introduction and have amassed a collection of about 45 modules including the rare and coveted XPRa and PGE2 (only 99 made and Tom is on the hunt for them.) He has personally enquired if I wish to sell him mine. This studio boasts several pieces, notably:

    Ӣ (2) Rockman Stereo EchoӪs
    ”¢ (2) Rockman Stereo Chorus’s
    Ӣ Rockman Smart Gate
    Ӣ Rockman Sustainor Model 200
    Ӣ (2) Rockman EQ
    Ӣ Rockman Compressor
    Ӣ Rockman Midi Octopus

    The Echo is known to be one of the best analog echo devices ever manufactured and the Chorus is lush and hard to replicate or beat. No VST or RTAS I have ever hear can replicate it’s sound. The SmartGate is a wonderful device as well, especially with single coil pickups. Nice to see they have amassed their own tidy collection. If anyone ever needs to know more about these devices let me know! I also have one of the largest Rockman information databases as well.

  2. Steve Simmons
    Steve Simmons says:

    hi, am a disabled usmc vet guitar player, grew up in late 60’s 70’s and have always loved the boston sound, played for years thru my trusty original rockman headphone amp into what ever big amp i was using at the time, till i finally wore it out, but am now taking the plung and trying to find rockman units as you can now find people selling them very reasonable, i have so far 2 sustainers ( 1 model 100 and 1 model 200), 1 equalizer, 1 stereo chorus and 1 delay/chorus. may have a line on a compressor. but having no luck on finding a stereo echo and smart gate, was wondering if you might inform me if you run across one or both of these that you don’t want to collect yourself. it would help me out greatly. thanks for taking time to read this



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