Dark Horse Recording

Okay. With all of this time spent in Nashville, I suppose I should highlight a couple of my favourite studios in this area.

Dark Horse Recording is certainly a great place to track. Excellent ambience coupled with some great talent and equipment.

Dark Horse 1

Dark Horse 2

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  1. Tara
    Tara says:

    This would be an amazing studio to record (or mix) in, eh? Wow… And the first shot with the sunset in the background is lovely.

  2. david
    david says:

    Hi there! Great site and fantastic pics of the hotel. Like an outside-in world.

    Anyway, if you like good music, and some special country (try Kiss the Bottle) come to lovelyrecovery.com No charge – and no dodgy downloads. Just great songs.

  3. Damon Powell
    Damon Powell says:

    This studio is up in my top favorites for World Class. I’m an Art Institute of Seattle student for Audio Production; I really dig the site. Good Stuff.


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