Spring Cleaning

The week-end was also the official start of spring cleaning. We spent most of the time getting our backyard ready for the warm weather. We have a large backyard with a swimming pool and a lot of interlocking stone. We also have several large landscape beds, a number of trees and fencing lined with mostly mature cedars.

The first job was to clean and rejoint the interlocking stone. What a messy job. I used a power wash to clear out all of the growth between the stones. Did I mention that we have a lot of interlocking stone? That took about 8 hours.

After the cleaning phase, I swept several hundred kilos of sand to fill in the joints. That took several hours.

My wife looked after the landscape beds. Weeding, trimming, cleaning and mulching.

And although it was a lot of physical work, there was a sense of accomplishment. I could handle doing this kind of work.

One week-end a year.

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