A Clean Bike

When I ran into some challenges with my blood pressure late last year, I began a program of regular aerobic exercise. I was riding indoors on a stationary bike. As the winter months faded into spring, I decided to return to outdoor cycling. I purchased a Trek 2200 road bike.

My training runs right now are about 20kms over mostly hilly terrain. I am maintaining an average speed of 21km/h. And according to this calculator, I am burning about 600 calories an hour. I will gradually build up speed and distance. The workout is far more intense than the indoor bike.

Although the road bike is new, I have been out frequently enough that I need to clean the bike. This site gives you some idea about what it takes to keep a road bike in clean condition.

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  1. Rob Haskell
    Rob Haskell says:

    Whew, I got tired just scrolling down to the bottom of the page reviewing all the steps it takes to keep a bike clean….good recap though if you wish to keep your bike clean. Wish I had a bike….mmmmm…good idea, now that I think of it….I’ll likely look at a pair given my wife’s and my age now =’s 100!


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