Heading Home

We checked in at London Heathrow and we are waiting for our flight in the comfort of the Maple Leaf Club. I quite like the lounge at this airport. Great snacks like Walkers’ shortbread cookies.

Josh and I are beside each other, working the Internet on the lounge computers. Me and my blog. He and his Facebook. Joshua has about 274 friends on Facebook. And his page is very active. Some bloggers have moved to Facebook which I guess makes sense. The access to content is on an invitation basis.

From Wikipedia:

Facebook is a social networking website. It was originally developed for college and university students but has since been made available to anyone with an email address. People can select to join one or more participating networks, such as a high school, place of employment, or geographic region. As of February 2007, the website had the largest number of registered users among college-focused sites with over 19 million members worldwide (also from non-collegiate networks).

Facebook is the number one site for photos, ahead of public sites such as Flickr, with over 6 million photos uploaded daily, and is the sixth most visited site in the United States. The name of the site refers to the paper facebooks that colleges and prepatory schools give to incoming students, faculty, and staff depicting members of the campus community.

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