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When I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, I made adjustments to my sodium intake, I changed my diet to put more focus on fruits and vegetables and I kept to a regular program of aerobic exercise. I have been making good use of a stationary bike over the past several months. And the indoor cycling brought back some great memories from my youth.

When I was in Montreal, I was a very active rider in racing and touring. I kept that passion going for about 10 years until an event happened in my mid 20s.

One day, while I was coming back from about a 30km ride, I was clipped by a car. I was wearing a white racing jersey. As I fell towards the road, I was really worried about that white jersey. My wife was going to be really angry with me. That white jersey was going to be covered in a lot of blood.

I was running at a pretty good pace. I hit the road hard. The bike’s rear wheel buckled from the collision with the hit and run driver. I did not wear a helmet back then so my first instinct was to protect my face from the road by using my hands and arms. Short sleeves meant that both arms made impact with the gravel. I had rat traps and my feet were literally buckled to the bike. One leg down with the full weight of the steel frame. Grinding as the forward momentum of the bike and rider lost its energy.

I was in a mess. Still about 10kms from home. A broken bike. Severe road burns to my hands, arms, and leg. The pain that I experienced over the next few days was truly remarkable. And I never rode again after that incident.

And now? I want to start riding again. I have mapped out some great routes for a road bike. I have been doing a lot of research on equipment and I have narrowed the choice of bike down to a Trek 2200.

I’ll sleep on it tonight and make my decision tomorrow. Perhaps one of the joys of getting older is rediscovering the passions of youth. Although indoor cycling has helped me to improve my cardiovascular fitness, outdoor cycling will help me to enjoy our beautiful countryside. I can always train indoors when the weather turns bad. Like the 15cm of snow that is supposed to hit our area tonight.

Here is a picture of the Trek 2200. Beautiful bike. There is a red one available at the local bike store.

Trek 2200

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