Over the past few months the number of emails from salespeople began to overwhelm my inbox. Why am I receiving so much more traffic? I decided to push back against one company. I asked them why I was receiving so much traffic from them through their U.S. operations.


Jigsaw? What is that?

An evil creation is what it is. Somehow my contact information was uploaded to their database and I have no ability to remove it.

Jigsaw Data Corporation is an online business directory whose website allows users to find, collect and trade business contacts through a subscriber built database. Members can access the database by paying a monthly fee, or gain free access by entering 25 new contacts a month. Free access is based on a point system and members get a contact back for each contact they enter. Members are also given points for fixing inaccuracies.

Annalee Newitz, vice president of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility, an international organization based in San Francisco, called Jigsaw a “stalkers’ paradise,” as well as a breeding ground for identity thieves and spammers.

I did confirm that my information lives on their database. I tried to find a way to remove my information and here is the statement off of their website:

Submitting Your Suppression Request Form

To request suppression, you must submit a Suppression Request Form (use of this form will ensure that you provide all necessary information). To be considered, the form must be accompanied by all appropriate supporting documentation as described below:

  • If your information was stolen or entered in violation of a non-disclosure agreement or similar restrictions, a copy of a police report or documentation of any legal action resulting from the violation.
  • If you are a person whose professional position places you at risk of serious bodily injury or death, a letter from your supervisor stating that your position exposes you to a threat of death or serious bodily harm and describing your responsibilities.
  • If you are a victim of identity theft, a copy of a law enforcement or similar official report documenting the identity theft.
  • If you are otherwise at risk of physical harm, a copy of a protective court order, a law enforcement report, or documentation such as a letter from a social worker or a health care professional. 

I cannot remove the information. And, as you can see, suppressing the information is based on a ridiculous set of conditions. Hopefully the privacy issues with this type of nonsense will result in legal proceedings against the company. I for one will be highly unresponsive to anyone that contacts me through such a service.

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  1. Zach Smith
    Zach Smith says:

    Mr Cleaver,

    I am sorry to read about your poor experience with your information in Jigsaw. I do know as a fact (as I have implemented this myself) you can register for a free account, and then search for yourself in the Jigsaw system. Upon finding your information, you can post a “preferred contact method” on your page, showing that people can or cannot contact you by using Jigsaw. You could also change your number to a non working one, or give yourself an extension, so that if anyone called you and asked for “Extension 101” or whatever you decide, you would be able to know immediately that that number came from Jigsaw.

    Just a couple suggestions

    -Zach Smith


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