X60 and Vista

My new laptop arrived today: an ultraportable Thinkpad X60. The laptop is about half the size, and weight, of my old notebook.

The notebook came preinstalled with Windows XP and dozens of apps that I would never use. So, without much hesitation, I did a clean install of Vista. I was quite worried about whether the new notebook would still work after the install. Video, network, bluetooth, power management, fingerprint scanner. So many drivers.

The Vista install went off without a hitch. Everything works fine and the Vista environment is so much nicer than XP. And although I have been a hardcore Firefox user on XP, I quite like IE7 on Vista.

The new notebook is really cool and it will be much easier to carry around on the train and in my other travels.

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  1. michael
    michael says:

    I dont know if my comment posted?

    Richard .. good to see you are doing well! Mr. 50.

    I hear real good things about that notebook – played with one the other day. But you know me, I cant touch it for more than a half hour or I melt. IBM and all (smile).

    Enjoy. I just got off a plane with a new battery from Toshiba – a slice – that gave me 3 hours full use and was 50% left when I departed. Amazing.


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