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I received an email from someone yesterday highlighting a recent security patch from Apple. I wasn’t sure why. I regularly receive updates for my Mac. Not sure why this one was anything special.


I’ve run Macs for years now. Without any of the tedious nonsense that I have endured with Wintel boxes. You know the list: driver conflicts, viruses, spyware, adware, crashes.

My computing experience is simply better on a Mac. And so, I would rather use a Mac than a Wintel PC. Big deal. I know lots of people who get by running a Wintel PC.

My concern with Microsoft has been, and continues to be, its dismal performance for shareholders. This post sums up the frustration that I have with the company as a whole. The chart below shows the performance of Microsoft’s stock against Apple’s stock over the past five years. And yes, the Apple line shows about a 600% price increase. MSFT is so close to zero that it ain’t worth tracking.

Is it worth holding MSFT?

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