Bermuda Triangle

Try as we might, we could not find the Bermuda Triangle. However, we did make our way to the easternmost side of Bermuda, the town of St. George.

This town has significant historical value and many of the buildings date back to the 1600s.

We originally planned to use a moped for travel but the rental agency would only allow one moped per person. And we did not want to travel on separate mopeds so we opted for the bus instead. We arrived into the town around 11:30am and spent the balance of the day walking and taking pictures. Of particular interest was the unfinished church.

The unfinished church was begun in 1874. It was designed to seat 650. The building was never completed because of a church split. Part of the congregation elected to build another church nearby. The Anglican church set money aside to complete the unfinished church however the funds were diverted in 1884 to rebuild a cathedral in Hamilton.

The church was almost completed a decade later. For whatever reason, the congregation decided to abandon the project and renovate another church instead.

The church is in ruins today and stands by a street marked Church Folly Lane. Perhaps there is a lesson here for the state of the church overall.

It was interesting to stand in the ruins and to take pictures of the folly. I will post a set of those pictures over the next week.

After touring the town, we made our way back to Hamilton and enjoyed a snack on the back terrace of the Fairmont Princess. From there, we took a private yacht back to the Fairmont Southampton. What a fun experience. Those cruisers are spectacular.

For our last evening, we returned to Hamilton for a nice dinner. We make our way home in a couple of hours. This has been an absolutely wonderful way to spend a 50th birthday. I will remember the experience for a long time.

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