Off And Running

The past several weeks have been a blur. I don’t think that I have managed more than 4 hours sleep on any given night.

We were up very early this morning for our flight out to Bermuda. And, for the first time in a decade, I left the laptop and the Blackberry behind. I will be unplugged.

Well, okay, I still have access to the web to do the important things in life, like updating my blog. I am in the first class lounge in the new terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson. Very impressive facility. Nice computers. Good food.

Although we left the house at 5:15am for the 8:30am flight out, there was very little activity at the terminal. Check-in and security was remarkably quick. I have a few hours before the flight boards so I might take the opportunity to catch up on some sleep.

I am struggling with something though. CWS or Crackberry Withdrawal Syndrome. I have this need to reach for my hip. Alas no device. No emails. Feels very odd.

Weather forecast for our time down in Bermuda looks great. Temps in the 20s under mostly sunny skies. We arrive at 12:30 local time.

I won’t be able to post pictures on the blog until I get back to Toronto. I am using a new Portable Storage Device, the Epson P3000, for holding my pictures. The Epson is a small unit engineered for digital photographers that like to travel without lugging a notebook. But there is no way for me to drag out the RAW files, convert them to Jpegs and post them. I promise that I will get some shots up in a few days.

And, yes, It was quite enjoyable to travel with only my camera bag.

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