Christianity Sinks Like The Titanic

James Cameron, the man who brought us Terminator, Rambo, Aliens and Titanic, now ushers in the fall of Christianity.

I am off to Bermuda tomorrow. I heard that the Bermuda Triangle is probably as reliable a source for finding the truth about Jesus as the upcoming James Cameron documentary. Sorry that I will miss the broadcast.

In case you missed the fuss, there is a lot of interesting reading in the blogosphere these days. Here are a few of my favourites.

Time Magazine offers this take on the claim that Jesus had a family tomb in Jerusalem. Overlooked it was for a couple of thousand years until the Terminator came along. Larry King waded in the rubble with his finely tuned journalistic edge. Other blogs chimed in: Darryl Bock, Hot Air and Andreas Kostenberger. I am sure the list goes on.

Oh well. The debate is a step up from the one that claims Jesus never existed at all.

Interesting quote from a recent James Cameron interview: “Everyone around me had basically said, ‘You stink. You suck. You don’t know what you are doing.'”

On this one, I have to agree.

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