Christmas Carols And Estate Planning

Over the next few days and months I will be working on a Christmas CD project. We have begun work on basics and I am quite impressed with the quality of the arrangements. The musicians are all very high calibre and the rough dubs are sounding great.

There is something timeless about Christmas carols. Each song that we have worked on brings back wonderful memories of the holiday season.

This week is a bit about recovery, a bit about recording, and a bit about spending time with my family.

As I reflect on the past 50 years on the planet, I have been a pretty lucky guy. And although I have had a few health challenges, I seem to be on an upward mend. At least for the time being.

As a consequence of recent events, I did decide that it was time to review the will. I guess enough has changed since when we first started our family that my lawyer recommends a full estate plan. I guess we are doing much better now than two decades back.

Time to call my banker. We will need to appoint a trust company as an executor for our estate.

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