On My Honour

The GO train uses an honour system. You buy your ticket and you cancel it before boarding the train. There are periodic inspections that take place. And, perhaps not surprisingly, people get caught trying to ride for free.

I suppose it is tempting. I have been on the train every workday for the past three weeks without a single inspection. But, like a thief in the night, inspection can occur when you least expect it.

Two people were caught this morning. One directly opposite to me on the train. Fascinating encounter.

She almost got away with it. The inspector asked me for my ticket. I showed it to her. Everything is fine. She asked the passenger across from me for her ticket. She showed it to the inspector. Everything is fine.

“Hold on. Can I see that ticket again please?”

It seems that the passenger had punched two extra rides on her 10-ride ticket. Not a good plan.

“What’s wrong? The machine accepted the ticket.”

“It may accept the ticket but you are not allowed to ride 12 times on a 10-ride ticket.”

The passenger was a young female in her early twenties. The inspector asked her if she had ever been fined before. She said she had not. The inspector, a bit suspicious, decided to confirm her story. She called in the name and address of the passenger for any history.

“You have been fined several times before for riding the train without a ticket.”

No response.

She was issued a $110 fine.

Another fellow was also found to be abusing the honour system. He made a scene. Demanded his ticket back. Cursed. Yelled. I actually thought that he was going to physically attack the inspector.

Bizarre behaviour.

Petty thieves.

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