Vista Wow

I’m pretty sure that Microsoft launched Vista. I think it was sometime this week. Was it yesterday?

You can show your Vista Wow here.

I’ve been running Vista Ultimate for a while now. I really like Vista. It has a lot of Mac-like features. And the overall look and feel of the UI is much improved over XP.

From a consumer perspective I think that there are way too many versions of Vista. This does not follow the principle of simplicity. When I buy a Mac, I get OS X. I don’t need to make a decision between basic, premium, ultimate, or business versions. Confusing.

And $500 for the Ultimate edition of Vista ($300 for an upgrade) is getting pretty steep. So much for driving down the cost of computing.

Would I recommend Vista for a Wintel platform? Yes. It has been stable and it is good looking. Just be aware that each version requires different things from the hardware. A fully decked out Vista Ultimate edition needs a well-equipped PC. You can check the advisor here to see if your system qualifies.

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